I AM WHOLE Turquoise Drop Earrings

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In the Japanese art of kintsugi, broken pottery is bound back together with gold. Similarly, life can shatter us and leave us feeling damaged and less than, when in reality, the transformation and healing back together can lead to the best version of ourselves. You are not broken. You are beautifully whole.


  • Features gold-drizzled acrylic beads in varying shades of blue turquoise/teal (see pictures)--each will be unique
    • Length: 3"
    • Widest point: 1/4"
  • Choose from matte gold plated (pictured) or 14k gold filled hooks
  • Comes displayed on a lovely card with the piece's purpose and meaning, making this piece perfect for gift giving

(Please note: this piece is kintsugi-style inspired, not a repaired broken piece.)

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Please note that this piece will age. So be sure to treat it kindly, store it in a sealed container or bag, and keep it away from water so it can be around for you to enjoy much longer.

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