Baby Name Ideas - 40 First and Middle Names

Baby Name Ideas - 40 First and Middle Names

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The thought of naming your child can add so much pressure to an occasion that should be marked with joy and excitement. Let me help ease some of that!


I have always loved names. I didn’t know that was unusual for a long time. I notice names and pick up favorites and equally notice ones that hit me negatively—I am all about names and how they look and sound and feel.

I cannot tell you how thrilling it is for me to go over and over names in my mind, rearranging them to explore all the possibilities. I have lists of dozens and dozens that I’ll never use even if I write ten novels.

But not everyone loves naming things, much less a precious baby. So let me take some stress off of you—with joy!


Within 24 hours of purchasing this listing for 40 first and middle name ideas, I will message you a short but thorough questionnaire. You will need to fill this out before I can complete your order, so make sure to not wait.


Within three business days of completing the questionnaire, I will email you the PDF list of 40 first and middle name sets I have chosen for you.

(Please note that no physical items will be mailed.)


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Add meanings to your list of name ideas here.


No pressure--you are under no obligation to use any of the names I send you; I’m just here to help and at bare minimum inspire and encourage.

Truth be told, you might not pick one of the names I send you. Naming your baby is ultimately up to you and you should love the name you choose. But worst case scenario, my list will inspire you toward the name you ultimately choose, as one may bring to mind one you didn’t know you were looking for.

So I do want to clarify that I cannot give refunds or offer redos if you don’t use any of the names I send you—but I bet even if you don’t, you’ll be closer to the chosen name than you were before.

And also, congratulations! You got this.

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