Woven Ribbon Gold Chain Statement Layering Bracelet - Choose Your Color

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  • Features the ribbon color of your choice (choose from the dropdown) woven with matte gold plated chain
  • Ties into a ribbon to close
  • The chain portion of the bracelet is just over 6 3/4” and the ribbon portion is intended to be tied snugly. If you need yours to be shorter or longer, please contact me to request a custom order. :)

  • These are perfect for layering, so it's a great idea to purchase several colors! (See photos for examples--the daintier ribbon and chain bracelets pictured are available separately here.)
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      Please note that this piece will age. So be sure to treat it kindly, store it in a sealed container or bag, and keep it away from water so it can be around for you to enjoy much longer.

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