About the Owner

Hello! I'm Kacie, the one happily running this one-woman show for over ten years now.

I'm a West Virginia girl (yes, it's my heart home) who was created to create and I now live with my incredible husband, Daniel, in North Carolina.

In 2017, Jesus led me to the tools for healing from six years of chronic illness, and many items in this shop are direct results of my illness to health experience, especially the Signify Collection, which was inspired by the neuroplasticity practices that clinched health for me.

I'm an old soul Enneagram 4w5 who loves music, antique stores, smoothies, chocolate, moonlight, cows, open windows, and the sound of an F350. The little things in life are truly my favorite.

And I am forever learning more about empowered health, wrapping my brain around life as a healthy person, and tripping all over myself to get out my next creative endeavor. Feel free to say hello, and thank you for helping me continue to do what I was created to do: create. Your support keeps the dream a reality.