About the Shop

As someone who thrives on planning, I've continually found that some of my best decisions have been made on a whim.

What is now Hamrick Avenue began in 2011 as a spontaneous hobby that turned into an exciting distraction from chronic illness and finally grew into a post-healing, full-blown business.

Over the years, I've added three more lines for my ultimate happy place.

So here you'll find:

  • The Hamrick Avenue jewelry line made up of 9 collections (shop from the dropdown above)
  • The Cedar Era line featuring original, vintage, and vintage-inspired home decor
  • The Kacie Lynn Fleming line, my author line which includes my publications and pieces inspired by them
  • The West River Road line, made up of curated vintage and antique treasures

Each original piece is designed and made by me, and I carefully pack up and ship every order from North Carolina, USA.

I deeply appreciate your visit and hope you find something you love!