The Signify Collection


Did you know that your brain is listening and changing with every thought? Why not change it how you wish?

Thanks to its neuroplasticity (ability to change itself), your brain is following what you think and say and is changing accordingly. And that is hugely exciting because YOU hold the power to make that change happen all on your own. You literally hold the key to whatever state you wish to be, and that key lies in what you choose to think and dwell on.

This principle can be applied to just about anything: if you're struggling with chronic illness (what lead me personally to this life-changing world of neuroplasticity), claim that you are healthy. Maybe you're healthy but know you need to manage your stress better; one phrase can claim that you are calm. Or maybe you wish to be more confident or grateful; one phrase can help flip that switch in your brain toward reaching that state. Claim it. It's yours for the taking.

The purpose of each necklace in this collection is to remind the wearer of their chosen state. It understandably takes time to wire new, positive neural pathways, so we can certainly use all the helpful signals we can get.


Simply wearing the "Grateful" necklace, for example, will not instantaneously make you grateful. But the key to changing your brain is repetition, and each little change to reach that end are yours to make. Let each piece in this collection serve as a lovely reminder that your brain is listening and that you can change and are changing; think and act accordingly.