The Visible Collection

Between living with invisible illness from 2010-2017—an experience not easily forgotten—and having a personality which equips me with the special, frustrating talent of feeling unseen more often than not (Enneagram 4w5, anyone?), I am no stranger to feeling invisible. And if you are holding this card, I assume you probably aren’t either.

I would venture to guess that most people feel invisible at some point, for any number of reasons: having to live isolated because of chronic illness, experiencing trauma that others do not know about or don’t believe, having talents that many don’t recognize as valuable, feeling like you don’t quite fit in, suffering in silence, bravely bearing private pain, filling a calling that goes overlooked or undervalued, or walking a valley you never would have asked for. We often need others to see our experience and acknowledge it in some way—not because we love attention but because feeling seen goes a long way toward validating many forms of suffering instead of feeling like you are the only one who not only carries the burden but even knows it exists.

While it may be true that our feelings of invisibility are only feelings, we still need the feeling—or better yet the truth proven to us—of being seen. There is always someone who knows and sees when we are suffering; often people see but just don’t know what to say. And when we feel invisible and overlooked, often people are just so absorbed in their own lives that it’s not that they don’t see us—it’s that they don’t see anyone else either.

But regardless of if another human finally opens their eyes and shows that they see our suffering, our talents, our efforts, or our existence, the fact remains that God does. He sees not only all of the above but the fact that we feel so hugely unseen. And literally nothing can change the fact that He is loving witness to it all.

So I hope this piece from my Visible Collection tells you exactly what your heart needs to hear. You are not invisible. You are seen. You are loved. You are priceless. And God holds out His arms to you for rest.

And I see you.