Business Name Ideas

Business Name Ideas

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You have an exciting business idea and are ready to make it happen, but you just can’t think of a name. Maybe the chore of naming it is sucking the fun out of the whole venture entirely. I’m here to help!


I have always loved names. I didn’t know that was unusual for a long time. I notice names and pick up favorites and equally notice ones that hit me negatively—I am all about names and how they look and sound and feel.

I have named two handfuls of my own businesses over the past ten years, for both new endeavors and rebrands (sometimes just for the fun of it...). I cannot tell you how thrilling it is for me to go over and over ideas in my mind, rearranging words to explore all the possibilities. I have lists of dozens and dozens that I’ll never get to use, just from my process.

But not everyone loves naming things, much less a new business. So let me take the hassle for you—with joy!


Just tell me a few things about your business, and I’ll send you my best ideas for your business name!

1- Choose how many names you would like to purchase (5, 10, or 15).
2- Within 24 hours of receiving your order, I will email you a link to a short questionnaire. You will need to fill this out before I can complete your order, so make sure to not wait.


Within three business days of completing the short business name questionnaire, you'll receive an email from me with the business name ideas I have chosen for you.

(Please note that no physical items will be mailed.)


I always have too many ideas, and I am eager to let you benefit from them! So you can also choose the add on option of my suggestions for each name I send you: this may include color schemes, packaging, or logo thoughts--whatever may stand out to me as I am brainstorming. (These will be described, not designed, drawn, or pictured.)


If you're launching a business, you probably also need product descriptions or other copy, right? Be sure to purchase my copywriting services as well to make your life even easier.


I do only a basic search of the names, such as if the domain or Instagram handle is available. It is up to you to ensure that your business name is legally available and register it as needed.

You are free to use, rearrange, take inspiration from, or not use any of the names. Please note that you don't own any of the names unless you register them as a business/whatever is legally required in your state.

I take no ownership of your final name or business or products and am not liable for any name or products or business decisions you make. I am only providing ideas for you to do with what you will, and the choice of your business name is yours alone.

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