Custom Family Names Necklace
Custom Family Names Necklace
Custom Family Names Necklace
Custom Family Names Necklace
Custom Family Names Necklace

Custom Family Names Necklace

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This customized necklace is designed to be personalized to feature 5 female family members' first names, like a unique, informal family tree: from bottom to top, yours, your mother's, your grandmother's, your great-grandmothers, and your great-great-grandmother's. (Prefer less than 5? Not a problem!)

• The names of your choice are printed in black text on a white background. This piece is designed to stack the names like an informal family tree, bottom to top.
• The names are framed in your choice of an antique bronze pendant on bronze chain or a silver plated pendant on silver plated chain.
• The names are in a plastic sleeve in the frame, so you don't have to worry about it shattering as with glass.
• The back looks just like the front except it is plain white without text.
• Choose your metal and chain length from the dropdown.
• The pendant is app. 1 1/4" long.


When adding this listing to your cart, choose your metal and your chain length, and then choose your font (see the pictures for 4 options). Then in the note at checkout, let me know what names you want on the necklace in the exact order you want them printed. I suggest like this:

Your great-great-grandmother
Your great-grandmother
Your grandmother
Your mother


I'm sorry that there isn't room on the pendant for more than 5 names, or for more than first names. All names will use the same size font, so please keep this in mind if one or more names is much longer than the others.


    Please note that this piece will age. So be sure to treat it kindly, store it in a sealed container or bag, and keep it away from water so it can be around for you to enjoy much longer.

    © Kacie Fleming/Hamrick Avenue

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