Framed Roots Print
Framed Roots Print
Framed Roots Print
Framed Roots Print

Framed Roots Print

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This original, framed poem print about never forgetting your roots is a perfect gift for grandparents, Mom, or Dad!


This one-of-a-kind piece features a black-text, 8x10" cardstock print in a vintage frame. The 9x11" frame is a rich brown wood.

note: Since the frame is vintage, it has some wear or flaws from age but is still just lovely. Please note the pictures and message me with any questions.


The trunk can raise its branches,
The twigs can shoot to boughs,
The bark can merge to greenery—
The sun can show them how.
The leaves can find their buds,
The buds can grow to blooms,
The blooms can scatter, gathered
To decorate far rooms.

But the bloom always remembers
Its bud, its leaves, its bough
And knows that home is where the sun
First showed its deep roots how.

Kacie Lynn Fleming

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