Extension Chain + Layer Anchor Add-on

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If you're like me, you love layering necklaces--but hate how the chains get all tangled and twisted up in no time. So I finally took to searching the internet, thinking that surely there must be a solution. I found the solution you're looking at now and was like, "No way...."


So I tried it. And it actually helped. Now, while I don't think it's possible to prevent layered necklaces from twisting ever (it kind of is what it is), this made a huge difference for me. And I would call it life-changing--yep, a simple chain. Who knew?


I know, the Layer Anchor looks complicated, but it's not. (Be sure to note the pictures.) Just hook the Layer Anchor's clasp to the ends of each necklace, then hook each necklace wherever you like along the Layer Anchor's chain.

Bonus use #2: Use the Layer Anchor as a simple extension chain to make your favorite necklace or bracelet longer! Now that's a handy tool every jewelry lover needs.


Just choose your metal from the drop-down when adding this to your cart: matte gold plated or silver plated. Your Layer Anchor will be 3 1/2" including the clasp, giving you plenty of length flexibility.

Be sure to find some necklaces (just a handful of designs pictured) to go with your find here.


Please note that this piece will age over time. So be sure to treat it kindly, store it in a sealed container or bag, and keep it away from water so it can be around for you to enjoy much longer.

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