Vintage Books Mystery Box
Vintage Books Mystery Box
Vintage Books Mystery Box

Vintage Books Mystery Box

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VINTAGE BOOKS MYSTERY BOX ❥ This mystery box of 3 hand-picked vintage to antique books is perfect for yourself, a gift, or a special touch in styling your home decor. The thrill of surprises makes this bundle of old book goodness extra exciting!


This mystery box includes 3 vintage or antique books. While I don't offer giftwrap, the books will be bundled up nicely with a little twine or ribbon.

The topic and genre will be a total surprise--it may be a novel, a book on gardening, a grammar book, a book on the ocean, a biography, etc. The purpose and beauty of this box is to spread the pure joy of old books, whether you want to read them, just flip through them (maybe even smell them ... just me?), or display them with other vintage treasures.

Each book will be at least 20 years old (please scroll down for a description of ages). Of course all have been used and loved over the years and have a history and a story to them, and that will likely mean there is visible wear--that's what makes old books so charming! I won't send you any books in poor or dilapidated shape, but do expect little marks, foxing, bent pages, worn spines, faded covers, little stains, signatures inside, maybe some markings ... character. :)


When adding this item to your cart, be sure to let me know in the note at checkout if there is any type of book you do NOT want in your box. For example, no Reader's Digest, no purple books, nothing printed after 1980, nothing on gardening. I will do my best to accommodate it and will let you know if I cannot.


❥ packaging: I want you to love your experience purchasing from West River Road--and I equally want your item(s) to survive, while cutting costs for both of us. So please know that while I aim for a pleasant unboxing, I do reuse boxes and packaging materials and pack as securely as I can.

❥ combining: If you purchase this box along with another item(s) in the shop, I will most likely ship them all together in one box. If you would like me to ship the box and the other item(s) separately, please check out with them separately.

❥ ages: Some important notes on the ages of vintage items: "vintage" is generally defined as anything 20 years old or older--so books from as recent as 2004 count as "vintage." "Antique" is generally defined as items about 100 years old or older. The vast majority of the books in these boxes (and the items in my shop) are vintage and will range from the 1940s to 1990s, but please keep these definitions in mind if expecting super rare antique books or books that are not from what I know feels like yesterday.


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I have curated these books to be enjoyed for the fact that they are old books and have not read them; I do not necessarily condone what may be in them.

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